BJMPMBAI Website Banners



The BJMPMBAI logo was the winner in a logo design contest sponsored by the association during its early years. It was designed by FIRE CHIEF INSPECTOR RANDOLPH VALEN BIDES, husband of JAIL CHIEF INSPECTOR ANALIZA PAMA-BIDES who submitted it as her entry in the contest. The circular shape of the logo denotes fast, unobstructed and continuous service to the members. The outstretched intertwined hands represent and depicts service to anyone in need through concerned endeavour in order to attain success through unity. The three (3) stars represent the scope of the BJMPMBAI service in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The olive leaves represent knowledge and continuing search for innovation to keep up with the changes of the times in an effort to attain better service to its members. Its number of leaves (16) represent the regions where the Association’s members are assigned. The sun ray represent illumination, widespread coverage with purity of intention – to help and be of service. The color gray represents the BJMP as an agency for which the Association serves, promoting primarily the welfare of its manpower. The colors red, blue, yellow and white donotes the color of the country for which the Association serves as a whole as it nurtures its citizens who answered the call to serve and promote the welfare of the inmates of the country. The number 2001 represents the year BJMPMBAI was established.