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Resolution No. 2021-01 Series of 2021: Resolution approving the designation of E-mail addresses and mobile numbers and authorizing the Securities and Exchange Commission to send notices, letter/reply, orders, decisions, and/or other documents emanating fr Written by mbaiuser-1 595
Resolution No. 19-30-36 Series of 2020: Resolution appointing BT Diagnostic Center as 2021 BJMPMBAI service provider for the BJMPMBAI annual physical and diagnostic laboratory examination Written by mbaiuser-1 721
Resolution No. 19-20-35 Series of 2020: Resolution creating an AD HOC Committee on complementary retirement pension benefit designating its members and appointing an actuarial as technical consultant and providing funds thereof Written by mbaiuser-1 638
Resolution No. 19-20-34 Series of 2020: Resolution setting aside and appropriating a certain amount from the income of the association as BJMPMBAI budget for direct and operating expenses for calendar year 2021 Written by mbaiuser-1 633
Resolution No. 19-20-33 Series of 2020: Resolution appointing Information and Communication Technology Personnel of the association and providing funds thereof Written by mbaiuser-1 675
Resolution No. 19-20-32 Series of 2020: Resolution affirming the appointment of BJMPMBAI Office Division heads in permanent capacity Written by mbaiuser-1 619
Resolution No. 19-20-31 Series of 2020: Resolution Authorizing the grant of one-time ten thousand Pesos service recognition incentives Written by mbaiuser-1 707
Resolution No. 19-20-30 Series of 2020: Resolution appointing Banco De Oro Congressional/Mindanao Avenue branch as BJMPMBAI servicing bank and authorizing the opening of an account to the said bank Written by mbaiuser-1 581
Resolution No. 19-20-29A Series of 2020: Resolution affirming the appointment of the budget officer J/SSUPT Rogelio D Pagunuran as Chief Finance Division BJMPMBAI in permanent capacity and appropriating funds for the purpose Written by mbaiuser-1 578
Resolution No. 19-20-29 Series of 2020: Resolution ratifying the acts of the President, BJMPMBAI in entering into contract of services with Dassia Inc. and in paying the cost for services rendered Written by mbaiuser-1 590
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