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Resolution No. 19-20-28 Series of 2020: Resolution granting options for the grant of loans to members who are seventy up to eighty one years old Written by mbaiuser-1 663
Resolution No. 19-20-27 Series of 2020: Resolution authorizing the additional works to be done on the newly renovated house owned by the association at Congressional Avenue and providing funds thereof Written by mbaiuser-1 697
Resolution No. 19-20-26 Series of 2020: Resolution amending provisions of calamity loan by increasing the amount of loan and extending the term of payment Written by mbaiuser-1 678
Resolution No. 19-20-25 Series of 2020: Resolution approving the request of the BJMP for parking accommodation of BJMP marked and private vehicles of personnel at its lot located at congressional avenue Written by mbaiuser-1 667
Resolution No. 19-20-24 Series of 2020: Resolution cancelling the Christmas activities of the association for this season due to Covid-19 pandemic and to realign the funding as assistance to members devastated by recent typhoons Written by mbaiuser-1 578
Resolution No. 19-20-23 Series of 2020: Resolution prescribing the benefits that may be received by members that are paying a regular monthly membership contribution Written by mbaiuser-1 630
Resolution No. 19-20-22 Series of 2020: Resolution upgrading the employment of Mr Paul Justine H Huerte to permanent status Written by mbaiuser-1 664
Resolution No. 19-20-21 Series of 2020: Resolution updating the list of BJMPMBAI Officers who are authorized to have access to the Association's rented safe vault at Metrobank Mindanao Branch Written by mbaiuser-1 693
Resolution No. 19-20-20 Series of 2020: Resolution adjusting the basic salary of the compliance officer to conform to the salary grade 20 in relation to salary standardization law Written by mbaiuser-1 596
Resolution No. 19-20-19 Series of 2020: Authorizing the medicine reimbursement of two thousand three hundred and five pesos to all retirees that failed to avail of the annual medical and diagnostic examination Written by mbaiuser-1 592
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