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Resolution No. 2021-19 Series of 2021: Resolution constituting the BJMPMBAI AD HOC Property Development Committee and the Management Support Group Written by mbaiuser-1 505
Resolution No. 2021-18 Series of 2021: Resolution adopting remote communication and voting in absentia for members who cannot physically attend and vote during the Annual General Membership Meeting and designating an Election Committee for the revision of Written by mbaiuser-1 492
Resolution No. 2021-17 Series of 2021: Resolution approving the composition of the nomination committee to pre-screen, review qualifications of the nominees and certify the final list of candidates for Independent Directors for the conduct of election of Written by mbaiuser-1 378
Resolution No. 2021-16 Series of 2021: Resolution revising the provisions of EHCBA on number of days of confinement and daily hospital cash allowance assistance Written by mbaiuser-1 590
Resolution No. 2021-15 Series of 2021: Resolution authorizing the membership, training & education committee to draft the rules on the distribution of the twenty million pesos free and unassigned surplus of the association by way of enhancement of equity Written by mbaiuser-1 382
Resolution No. 2021-14 Series of 2021: Resolution cancelling the allocation of twenty million Pesos intended as Guaranty Fund which was inadvertently distributed under the mandatory mode of allocation and to transfer the amount under the approved mode of Written by mbaiuser-1 450
Resolution No. 2021-13 Series of 2021: Resolution authorizing SSUPT Rogelio D Pagunuran (RET) to represent the association and act for it in the submission of reportorial requirements with the securities and exchange commission through Online Submission T Written by mbaiuser-1 378
Resolution No. 2021-12 Series of 2021: Resolution designating Mr Eranio P Verceles as Liaison Officer of the Association at BDO Diliman-Matalino Branch located at Suntrust Capitol Plaza, Matalino Street, Barangay Central, Diliman, Quezon City Written by mbaiuser-1 462
Resolution No. 2021-11 Series of 2021: Resolution appointing BDO Diliman-Matalino Branch as BJMPMBAI Servicing Bank and Authorizing the opening of checking account to the said bank Written by mbaiuser-1 449
Resolution No. 2021-10 Series of 2021: Resolution entering into an agreement with a contractor for the construction of parking lots, guard house, comfort rooms and driver's lounge at the BJMPMBAI Compound and providing funds thereof Written by mbaiuser-1 456
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