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Resolution No. 19-20-16 Series of 2020: Resolution approving the implementing rules and regulations on Emergency Hospitalization Cash Benefit Assistance and Amending some provisions of Resolution No. 18-12 on hospitalization cash benefits Written by mbaiuser-1 413
Resolution No. 19-20-15 Series of 2020: Resolution authorizing the Investment Manager, Investment Committee to place an initial investment of two million Pesos with AREIT Written by mbaiuser-1 403
Resolution No. 19-20-14 Series of 2020: Resolution Appointing SJO4 Ildefonso B Franco as Ex Officio Member of the BJMPMBAI Board of Directors and member of the Executive Committee in his capacity as BJMP NESJO Written by mbaiuser-1 381
Resolution No. 19-20-13 Series of 2020: Resolution increasing the maximum loanable amount of retirees who are sixty five years old and above from two hundred thousand pesos to three hundred thousand pesos Written by mbaiuser-1 365
Resolution No. 19-20-12 Series of 2020: Resolution increasing the maximum loanable amount by members including those that withdrew membership but thereafter reacquired the same Written by mbaiuser-1 348
Resolution No. 19-20-11 Series of 2020: Resolution amending Resolution No. 12-11-01 Dated July 26, 2021 that prescribed a graduated increase in the loanable amount by new graduate/recruit members of BJMPMBAI Written by mbaiuser-1 331
Resolution No. 19-20-10 Series of 2020: Resolution granting general authority to the BJMPMBAI President to designate BJMP Resjos and other Officers as authorized signatories of BJMPMBAI to sign checks, documents, and other business transactions in differe Written by mbaiuser-1 372
Resolution No. 19-20-09 Series of 2020: Resolution Granting Health and Sanitation Support to All Members of the Board and Officers Written by mbaiuser-1 374
Resolution No. 19-20-08 Series of 2020: Resolution Expanding the Coverage of the BJMPMBAI Guidelines Granting Financial Assistance to Members Affected By Calamities Written by mbaiuser-1 365
Resolution No. 19-20-07 Series of 2020: Resolution authorizing SSUPT Rogelio D Pagunuran (RET), Budget Officer, to cash advance the amount of five hundred thousand pesos as emergency hospitalization fund to be used in assisting the members during the pand Written by mbaiuser-1 333
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